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Making Money is Easy if You’re Focused

Many people that are starting their money-making careers have the illusion that making money in their business activities is difficult or complicated. It is these kind of feelings that maintain a lot of people out of the game. And if you’re not trying to build wealth, you’re certainly just being part of the rat race.


Improving Your Money Generating Skills

Nobody started in life knowing everything. Each skill that you’ve learned has taken some time to learn and to master. For example, as a kid you spend several years to learn to properly speak your language. The same happens in the educational system, where you need to go to school for more than a decade […]

Creating a Business that Represents You

“What is the best way to open a lucrative business?” This is the question that I often receive from entrepreneurs, even before they start any activity in their careers. Whenever I hear this, I just tell to my clients that this is usually the wrong question to ask.

The reason is that every business […]

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