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Today I did a small update on the blog on First, I decided again to put the top stories on the front page, to generate more updates on the site. Of course, you still can sign up for our newsletter and get a free eBook here.

Introducing a List of Top Commentators

A nice feature that I found as a plugin for wp is a list of top commentators. This feature seems interesting to me because it helps not only myself, but my readers too.

The idea is the following: there is a list of commentators on the right side of the page. If you leave a comment with a URL for your web site, you will be in a contest for the top five commentators in the web site.

Each month, the commentators with the most comments will be sorted out by the plug in, and their web sites URL will appear at the left box for the whole month. It is free publicity for you and it will potentially generate lots of comments for our web site.

So, starting now, let me know what you think of this new feature. If you have questions about how to make money on the web, feel free to send them too.

Making Money Without Thinking

Many people believe that making money depends on having access to resources or to more money.
However, anyone that makes money knows that the source of wealth is in your mind. Here is a technique that can improve your ability instantaneously.

The Reasoning Avoidance Technique

The basic idea of this technique to make money is to avoid spending too much time thinking. This doesn’t mean that you should not think carefully what you are doing, but once you decide, forget about it, and do the work without thinking. Many decisions are bad because:

  • involve passion, not reality;
  • involve the risk of being deluded by bad information or by preconceptions;
  • you can make mistakes.

Avoiding thinking too much, and decide things quickly, based on your purpose. Prefer to use techniques that can help you make money automatically. Examples are:

  • Use automatic money transfers for savings. Don’t try to make decisions every month.
  • Devise trading algorithms, or use software to determine trading signals — this helps removing the emotion from you buying and selling decisions;
  • Use automatic software to do your online marketing, whenever possible. This helps removing your personal efforts from the system.

Some Features of Google Ambush

Google Ambush is a package that has been recently released to make life easier for people working on online marketing.

With Google Ambush, there are a set of tools for doing the steps of a successful online campaign:

  • Finding products that have a good demand
  • Finding PPC keywords on Google and that can be used to sell the product you found on the first step
  • Creating a page to sell the product (or products) you selected previously.

With these tools, you can have a much better chance of making money online. You will find the interface to easy to understand and fun to use.
I highly recommend Google Ambush to people interested in making money online.

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