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Creating Content That Generates Money

As web site authors, a lot of us like to create new content and publish information about our special interests. That is the initial motivation for creating a web site or starting a business in the web.

However, if you want to grow your readership or even make a full time living from your web site, you need to understand how to create content that generates money and improves your web site. It is not enough to have people that like your web site, but you also need to find ways to maintain and expand it.

Creating content that sells is one of the secrets to achieve profitability on the web. It is the difference between a site that doesn’t generate any interest in users and one that keeps readers coming time after time looking for new information.

A web site, be it a a blog or a services oriented site, needs content that provides objective information to users. Contrary to what a few beginners do, you shouldn’t concentrate on yourself or your motivations for creating the content. Instead, you need to concentrate on what your readers will try to accomplish and how they can do it better.

Credit Card Example

Suppose, for example, that you have a web site on credit card tips. The best information about credit cards tell people how to use it wisely. For example, you can write content about how to reduce the use of credit cards. Another example, is how to pay less interest rate on your credit cards. Still another interesting idea for an article is how to negociate fees on your credit cards, reducing from high interest rates to low rates.

The common theme in the previous example is to look at what customers want. They will probably will not be very interested in knowing how many credit cards you have, or how you are using your credit cards, unless you are providing something useful to them.

Another big idea to improve your content generation skills is to provide detailed information on the steps of doing something. For example, going back to the credit cards web site, you should always give enough details on how to do something, in order to improve the quality of your content. In a web article about reducing your credit card interest rates, don’t just say that you should contact your company to ask for a interest rate reduction.

Instead, list of the steps the reader needs to do the reduce interest rates. This can include calling the credit card company, explaining what you need to say to request a reduction in interest rates, and finally explaining how to negotiate with a credit card company to reduce the interest charged.

Results of Good Content

With careful exposition, you will provide a big service for readers that want to solve a specific issue. It is these readers that will keep coming back time after time to get more actionable information on your topic. Later on, they may even buy something from you, based on their previous experience.

Notice that the web is littered with web sites that promise to teach something, but fall short of expectations — sites such as e-how and others are just trying to get readers with cheap information. If you provide something more informative, you will be a long way towards getting more readers and selling more on your web site.

Making Additional Money From a Web Site

For people just starting working on the web, there is a huge number of opportunities for monetization. However, the main work to be done is to create high quality content, that will keep users coming back regularly for more. Content creation is the first and most important step if you are creating a web site.

On the other hand, if you already have a good quality web site, there is a lot of opportunities to improve the amount of money you can make from it. Given a particular set of users on a web site, generating a well known set of page views, it is frequently possible to increase the amount of money we can make in that web site by at least two times what you’re already doing.

And this is possible without having to recourse to shady practices that would annoy users. On the contrary, it is possible to make more money from a web site by simply giving more of what users want. In other words, the old recipe for success in business still works here: give more to your customers and you will receive more as a result.

Here are a few suggestions that can improve the quality of your web site, and at the same time increase the amount of incoming you can get from it:

Improving the Quality of Advertisements

Advertisement is still the way that most people monetize their web sites. With a good advertisement strategy you can make a lot of money from any content you might generate. However, there are ways to improve the users experience with such advertisements.

The first thing is to provide only advertisements that are relevant to the web site you’re creating. For example, a common problem that happens when we use common advertisement programs is that they sometimes display message that are not relevant for users.

A web site for stock trading strategies may display advertisements for brokers, retail investors, and other categories. If you want to make the web site more relevant, just promote ads for one of these users. They will become more interested in your web site and return more frequently.

Good advertisements may also become a service for users. It is hard to understand if you are not looking to buy something, but there are times when your readers will be on the search for a particular service or product. Your web site may be the closest thing they will find using a web search engine. When this happens, they will be glad to see that you are displaying an ad for the product or service that they were looking for.

Improving Communication

Another idea to improve money generation on your web site is to improve communication with your readers. Ways to do this include posting regularly, answering to questions they might have, or having an email list.

The main idea behind this is that users want to have access to someone that is an expert in a subject. If you know a lot of information about a topic, you readers will want to interact with you in some way. This, in turn, may improve the ability of your web site to generate income.

By improving your communication with readers, they will be coming back more regularly. This will also help if you are selling something, such as books, reports, or services.

Selling Your Ideas on the Internet

In the past, people had to work hard to survive, doing things like farming, hunting, and mining. It was difficult to achieve wealth, because this usually required to use force against others — effectively making them work for you. But the world has changed a lot, and nowadays we can make money with anything that can be of interest to others: may it be products, services, and even ideas.

That is right, specially with the Internet to help with providing a distribution medium for ideas. You can now have an idea and quickly transform it into a product in little time, while at the same time living life in the way you decide.

For example, here are a number of ways you can transform you ideas into money through the web:


One of the most common way of transforming ideas into money is writing a book. It may take some time to write a complete book, but after it is done you can sell it over and over again. It is one of the best ways to have your ideas known, because you can sell so many of these books at a small price.

A few years ago, publishing a book involved a lot of leg work, contacting publishers and other people that could be interested in your work. This is not the truth anymore. With the appearance of on-demand publishers, you can have a book out there in no time. You just need to sign up for one of these on-demand companies and provide your manuscript. They will take care of anything, from cover to online promotion, sometimes even for free.

Web Sites

An even more effective way of selling your ideas is to start a web site. With a web site you can create content as you have time — there is no need to write a whole book at the beginning. A web site provides a mean for a conversation with clients. That is why blogs have become so important: you can discuss with clients what they think of your ideas and improve based on these suggestions.

The easiest way to start a web site is to create a blog, using a platform such as wordpress. It is easy, and you can have the web site running in as little as a few hours. Don’t forget to buy a domain name that represent your idea to make it easier to find by search engines. A lot of registrar companies sell web domains for as little as $5.

Mailing Lists

Another quick way to disseminate and make money from your ideas in the web is to create a mailing list. A mailing list is a way o sending messages to a list of interested people. For example, if you are considering to sell your idea of a new diet, you can create a mailing list that will distribute that information.

Promote the mailing list, and have people enrolled on it. Also, keep sending information regularly to the subscribers. You will be able to have a conversion with them through your list. Also, you will have the opportunity to advertise your products, or even sell space for others to advertise. It is a win-win situation, because you’re providing something of values, but also making money on advertisement.


Selling your ideas has never been easier. With the web, one can have several ways to reach people that might have interest on your ideas. You can benefit them with the information you’re selling, but at the same time you will be making money and living a very good lifestyle, thanks to the impact of your ideas.

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