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The secret is not in working but in creating value

In this blog, I have posted about how what is important is what is inside your mind, and not just what you are doing. Today, I will talk about working hard.
There is an old belief system that says that if you want to make more money, then you need to work more.
The big problem with this idea is that work most of the time doesn’t equate to value.

Creating Work, Not Value

Suppose, for example, that you spent the whole day working in your office. You are certainly doing a lot of activities, but my question for you is: during the whole day of work, how much value did you create?
The problem with most work is that it doesn’t create much value. This is a paradox for people that don’t understand how capitalism works.
You may work hard, but you may not create much value, either because you didn’t create anything useful, or because people don’t perceive the real value of your work.
In both cases, you are not creating value, and therefore you are not being paid well.
If you really want to make money, you need to make sure that :

  • your work creates value
  • people perceive the value of your work

If you follow this strategy, you will see how the money you make will increase faster than you can imagine.

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