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The psychology of Money Generation

When I started reading about wealth and money generation, I became intrigued with the fact that most books would cite psychology as a major cause of not getting rich. After some experience with the ideas of wealth generation, however, I came to the conclusion that psychology is a major impediment for many people to become truly wealthy.

The reason psychology is an important issue when trying to make money is just that most people start with this area in completely wrong shape. There are thousands of ways to make money, both online and offline, but most people will never find these opportunities because they are not prepared to take them and do something.

Not being willing to think about wealth and take proper action when necessary are the main reasons why people continue working on jobs that have no path for growth, and never use their money in productive ways.

Solving the Problem

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The good news is that solving this issue is really simple, and depends only on your desire of change. To help you operate with a new wealth mental blueprint, here is a quick list of features of the psychology of money generation:

Believe that money is not limited: our economy is always growing, and so the supply and demand of goods and services. There is continuously more money being generated in every area, because wealth is constantly being generated. If you believe that money is limited, then the act of getting more money means that somebody else will not have enough. This is false, because money is just not limited.

Believe that it is under your means to take the opportunities to make money: in our modern society, anyone has the right to get as many money as he or she can, as long as the money is legaly acquired. In fact, in a capitalist society it is good that you make more money, because then you can help with the growth of the economy.

Understand that being rich is a process, not a destination: nobody becomes instantaneously fat, in the same way that becoming rich doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process. Moreover, even if you make millions by winning the lottery, this doesn’t make you rich, since you can lose everything soon, as many people do. You need to comprehend the fact that you can rich even if you lack money: it is for sure a temporary thing, because you know that more money can be generated.

Learn that wealth may come from many sources: there is no law saying that money needs to go only from one major source. Even if you have a job, there is nothing to avoid you making lots of money outside your job.

Therefore, the best way to improve your chances to get rich is to use as many opportunities as you can. In investing, this is called diversification, and it means that when you spread the risk of your investments, the result is a steady return that doesn’t depend on any single source. If you have a job, for example, this is not in itself a problem for wealth generation, as long as you find other opportunities to make money. The problem, however, is when a job is your only source — if you lose it, then there is no source of income you can draw upon. Rich people know that they need to diversify, even if they got their money mainly from one source. You also need to understand this point if you want to get there.

Realize that Wealth is a numbers game: in its simplest form, wealth is just the amount of money you have. So, it is a numbers game. The more you generate income, invest it, and allocate it correctly, the more money you will have. It is a virtuous cycle, that will make you wealthier as time goes.

Learn that the the only limits to your wealth are your willingness and your time. Being a game where money is not limited, creating wealth has a limit only on your capacity to create more money and in the time you spend on this activity. And since there are millions of ways of making money, you can have as much fun as you desire, while working in a money-generating activity. Wealth is about freedom and fulfilling your dreams, so think that, although it may be a little difficult at the beginning, making money is ultimately a fun and satisfying activity that you can enjoy as long as you are alive.

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