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Making Money Without Thinking

Many people believe that making money depends on having access to resources or to more money.
However, anyone that makes money knows that the source of wealth is in your mind. Here is a technique that can improve your ability instantaneously.

The Reasoning Avoidance Technique

The basic idea of this technique to make money is to avoid spending too much time thinking. This doesn’t mean that you should not think carefully what you are doing, but once you decide, forget about it, and do the work without thinking. Many decisions are bad because:

  • involve passion, not reality;
  • involve the risk of being deluded by bad information or by preconceptions;
  • you can make mistakes.

Avoiding thinking too much, and decide things quickly, based on your purpose. Prefer to use techniques that can help you make money automatically. Examples are:

  • Use automatic money transfers for savings. Don’t try to make decisions every month.
  • Devise trading algorithms, or use software to determine trading signals — this helps removing the emotion from you buying and selling decisions;
  • Use automatic software to do your online marketing, whenever possible. This helps removing your personal efforts from the system.

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