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Making Money On The Web Is a Matter of Persistence

Many people have spend lots of time and money trying to learn how to make money on the web. And, for the matter, 90% of them don’t have success.

Does that mean that internet marketing is just a dream?

Of course not. There are so many people making money on the Internet that saying this is just plain crazy.

What people don’t understand, however, is that making money in the web is just like making money on any business.

It takes time and work.

The big problem is that almost everyone is attracted by the prospect of becoming rich overnight. This is what everybody is looking for.

Not that this kind of think can’t happen, in fact it happens all the time. But it is not the norm. If you really want to make money, you need to be persistent, learn with your mistakes, and try again.

Recipe to make money on the web

Here is my recipe, follow it and you make lots of money:

  • Learn a little everyday
  • Apply the things you learn
  • Work hard at least a few hours per day
  • Work smart: find what is working for you and do more of it
  • Repeat.

If you follow this recipe, I guarantee that you will make money.

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