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How to Get Ideas For Blog Posts?

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to generate traffic, because it helps organizing a community around your ideas. If you write for a specific niche, like we do here on making money on the web, you can have pretty impressive results.

Some people would like to write blogs, but they don’t know how to generate ideas for blog posts. You need to maintain a steady pace and create articles of interest for your readership.

The good news is that there are several techniques for generating many ideas for blog posts. I will show you one of the main methods I use to create posts: I call this method Draft and Revise.

The Draft and Revise Method

Most people write drafts of posts before creating their content (if you don’t do this, you should). But what I am referring to with the “draft and revise” strategy is to use the great drafting feature available in WordPress to help you to generate ideas.

Basically, what I do is this: when creating a new post I think of a few new ideas, and then quickly write then to the QuickPress draft area of the WordPress dashboard. In this way, I write several new topics as I have fresh ideas on my mind.

(By the way, you don’t need to have a WordPress blog to use this method; you can also do this on a blogger blog, if you want, by leaving the post just as a draft.)

Using the Drafts: the Revise Phase

The next phase, after I write several quick-and-dirty posts in this way, is to revise them to get something publishable. I basically go back and pick the ones that I am interested enough to write a full post, and do the editing until a post is complete.

The main idea behind this method is that, by separating idea generation from revision, you can increase your productivity without the pain associated with creating new posts from nothing.

What about you, what are your preferred methods for creating new blog posts?

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