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Don’t be trapped by your left brain

The human brain is a  huge machine that able to perform fantastic feats. It has the power to create science, technology, and poetry.
However, we have very little knowledge of how to use our brain to achieve our goals. Mostly, we let it run the show, while we take a back seat.

Our mind is divided by the left brain, which gives us an interpretation of the world, and the right brain, that provide what we need to survive.
The left brain is an algorithm we use to interpret the world. This interpretation is not the exactly reality. But for the most part, the left brain defines what we do. It acts as our ruler.
Worse, the beliefs of the left brain are influenced by others, not by the reality. For example, when I say that getting rich is hard, I am applying a rule that has not been validated by reality. I don’t know if getting rich is hard, because I didn’t even try. But the left brain take this statement as true, and invalidates whatever I do to go against it.
The lesson is, if want to get rich learn to think against the normal biases of the left brain.

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